About MAP Innovation

Map-innovation is a company headquartered in the UK that has expertise in developing tracking solutions. Our latest offering, MAP-Ping has generated a huge amount of interest due to its battery life.

Our core competencies include:

  • Designing and manufacturing small, robust, devices which are easy to deploy, configure and manage.
  • Low power devices: we measure our battery life in years
  • Outdoor positioning.
  • Indoor positioning systems.
  • Remote Sensing.
  • Security & Reliability: The data transmitted is encrypted and securely stored.

The leadership team

Matt James Mphys PhD


Technical Lead

Paul Crane BEng (Hons)


Lead Engineer

Matt possesses a unique mix of science and technology skills and has a proven track record of turning ideas into market changing products. A specialist in FEA/CFD and data analysis, he also has extensive experience in academic research and a background within the consumer and space industries.

Matt is one of the co-founders of MAP Innovation.

Paul has a wealth of experience as a mechanical design engineer with over 20 years experience working in a range of industries for multinational companies in the UK, Belgium and the USA.

His experience includes consumer, medical, industrial, telecommunication, military and aerospace.

Paul is one of the co-founders of MAP Innovation.